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Tervalis Group

Since its creation in 1986, the Tervalis Group has continued the development of its two main areas of activity :

  • agrochemistry, mainly fertilizers, through its Fertinagro division
  • diversification in agriculture and food, logistics, and services, with its holding company Turol Diversia.

Today the Tervalis group has a turnover of 367 million euros. With its industrial and commercial divisions it is present in Spain, France, Italy, Algeria, Morocco and Portugal.

But the Tervalis group is first and foremost the ongoing venture of a team with more than 830 members. The entrepreneurial spirit, the belief in Tervalis, the energy and the hard work of the men and women who make up our teams are the driving force and main asset of our group.


Turnover in millions of euros :
Number of employees :
96 ................ TUROL DIVERSIA ................. 316
368 .......... Tervalis GROUP ............ 863



Fertinagro Industry

Fertinagro, Spain’s number one fertilizer manufacturer, has no less than eleven industrial units at its disposal in Europe. The know-how of its industrial groups, the command of processes and the technical deployment of several patents constitute its main assets.


Fertinagro Service

Most importantly there are dozens of technicians and agronomic engineers that work every day with our partners (Distributors and Importers)

But there are also
- marketing and advertising tools for our partners
- an ongoing training policy for our teams of agronomists


Fertinagro Catalogue

In our catalogue you will find a solution for all types of plantation and agronomic principle. Thanks to our R&D centres we can offer innovative products, whose agronomic and economic advantages are recognised by farmers and valued by our distributors and importers.



Agriculture and Food Sector

The Tervalis Group is the first producer of A.O.C. ham in Teruel. This activity is based on an integrated management of the production process, which begins with genetic selection, continues in the natal and rearing centres, the manufacture of combined feeds, in the abattoirs and in the ham drying centres, until it finally reaches the consumer as one of our own Punto de Orígen (place of origine) brands.


Logistic Sector

We have our own fleet of trucks with which we can offer our clients the best possible service. Moreover, other divisions are specialists in logistics and the dockyard storage of liquid and solid products.



Service Sector

These companies focus on the construction and promotion of property, the development of sustainable tourism, and renewable energy.



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